"JizzRag saved our marriage" - Terrence, UK
"JizzRag saved my laptop" - Jeremy, Melbourne
"JizzRag - Don't leave home without it" - Dave, Perth
"Finally - A solution to the wet spot" - Clive, Tasmania
"Yesss, my tissue box actually lasts more than a week" - Jenny, USA - Mother of 3 boys

"Undoubtedly, the world's greatest Rag."

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"whenever I am ........., I always use my JizzRag"

Whenever I need a quick shoe buff before the big day, I always use my JizzRag.

Whenever I'm on the road, my JizzRag always gets to ride shotgun.

Whenever I am cleaning the propeller on my super-yacht, I always use my JizzRag.

Whenever I go TenPin Bowling, nothing shines up like my JizzRag

Whenever I clean the strings on my electric guitar, I always use my JizzRag.

Whenever I spill paint on the carpet, I always clean it up with my JizzRag.